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Going to the chap-el and we're gon-na get ma-a-a-ried!

Mar. 9th, 2006 | 10:21 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy

Hey everyone,

Well I dont have any interesting news to update in comparison to the other entry so I'm afraid I'm just going to have to bore you with wedding planning!!

I suppose it's getting more and more on track. I think i've been stressing out a little too much, but at the same time, I think it's well justified.

To date we have organised:
* the ceremony venue: QPT Gardens, in front of the water fountain

*our celebrant for the ceremony. Her name is Fran Dowden and she's Brett W aunty from Dongara. Which in turn has helped us to organise vows etc

*the reception venue: Casa Blanca Dance Studio. They organise basically everything, from DJ to table decorations, which is soooo great!

*I have just ordered the materials for my DIY invitations tonight...so excited!! I just think they're more personal than pre-cut and pre-printed ones

*The bridesmaids have their shoes, pretty little sparkly numbers that they are sooo going to have trouble with in the grass...SORRY GIRLS!! It will only be for a little while!

*The guest list is pretty much at final stage for invitations, but I've been having trouble with who I am to invite... its really hard because we are on a budget and numbers are limited, and there are a couple of girls I went to school with, but we dont really hang out or keep in touch. But I dont want to hurt anyone by not inviting them...ultimate bride dilemma! I'm sure all brides go through this, but honestly, someone please comment and let me know what they'd do in my situation!

*The bridesmaids have pretty much chosen their dresses, although they are quite expensive (and I'm asking the girls to pay for their own) and I didn't want them to spend so much on a dress. However they all agreed on this dress and ultimately I know its up to me what they wear, but I want them to be happy and comfortable not only wearing the dress, but purchasing it as well.

So yeah, thats pretty much what has been organised so far. I'm hoping to book the caterers this time my dad is home, which is like, today! So i will have to show him the menus and then ring back the caterers and book! Also, I think its about time I ordered my dress
I was going to wait on the pretence that i was going to lose weight but if i do that I will NEVER order it! Plus if I do lose some kilos, it will be easy enough getting it altered.

So the things I will need to do quite soon is organise a cake, well I need to get some quotes and stuff but to tell you the truth, I have NOOOO idea where in Geraldton makes wedding cakes. I think Thuys does but I also heard bad things about there...other than that I have no idea where else.

Anyway, I guess I had better stop boring everyone and say Au Revoir

Until next time...

PS: My parentals are paying for Duane and I to go to the Gold Coast for the honeymoon, how cool is that?!

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Jan. 4th, 2006 | 05:25 pm
mood: sad sad

Hey everyone,

Well I do have some news to update with, not that its very nice or very cheerful at all. I will start with the good things first, however.

Well Christmas Day went really well. I held it here for all of Duane's family, and my mum and sister. My dad and brother were up working at the mines still and were coming home on the 28th for our Christmas together. But on the Boxing Day holiday my parents house caught fire and pretty much burnt to the ground. My mum and sister were out to tea, and as I said, my dad and brother were at work. I was sitting in my loungeroom, exactly as I am now, on my computer when I smelt burning plastic. I went outside to see whether there was any smoke or not and saw it coming from the other end of the street. So I grabbed my keys and run down to mum and dads house (all the while the stupid coons next door were standing out the front of their house watching the house burn) and opened the front door and nearly died with the smoke that come out.

It was so thick and black that i couldnt even see a glow of where the fire was. My first thought was to get Misty (mum and dads german shepherd) out of the house so I screamed for her. But she didnt come out so i run around to the gate and there she was cowering against the house, out of the smoke that was pouring out of mum and dads bedroom window. Duane went around the back with the hose and was trying to put out the fire, but by that time it was gone. The fire was too fierce. So he dragged both the cars in the driveway out onto the lawn so the fire brigade could come in with their truck. Then my mum and sister arrived and we all stood there heartbroken.

A lot of the night passed in a blur but i remember getting there when the fire was only in the back two rooms (loungeroom and mum and dads room) and watching it spread throughout the rest of the house in front of my eyes. And i watched the Christmas wreath ive hung on the door every year go up in flames and melt off the flyscreen.
Its the hardest thing watching and knowing that there's absolutely nothing you can do but watch your childhood home go up in flames... Only three bedrooms were left, and what wasnt touched by the fire has smoke and water damage. There is nothing left of that house apart from a skeleton that was the interior. The only thing we managed to save was some singed photos and my nans jewellery. What my parents have left now fits in the boot of their car.

But apart from watching my house burn down, the hardest thing about the whole situation was waiting for Dad and Damien to come home, and watching them as they realised what they'd lost...I hope to god that my family NEVER have to go through anything like this again....and hopefully next year, we will have a Christmas together

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Updatedness (for Matts sake)

Nov. 23rd, 2005 | 02:39 pm
mood: contemplative contemplative
music: none, my brothers snores :@

Hey, Wow its been a while! I dont even know where to begin. Not that i have a lot to say, but more because I have no idea whats been going on that could warrant being written in here...well there are a few things ;)

First and foremost (because it is most important) Duane and I have set the date for the wedding. It shall be on November the 5th 2006! So less than a year away and I havent even really started planning anything yet. It kinda sucks too because about 2 weeks after we set our date, Duanes friends Luke and Vicki set theirs for the 4th November...kinda annoyed because some of our guests might not be able to make it to ours, but at the same time, really happy for them... So yeah, the date is set and just waiting for me to get my act together and start some planning!

Secondly, although this happened a while ago, I put my little yelo devil in its first car show, at the Sunshine Festivals Show and Shine, she didnt win anything, though neither did 98.9% of the cars that were there seeing as about 3 cars won all the categories. But i was just so happy to have my car out there and in the limelight! For about a week before hand Shaun (a mate of ours) and Duane spent all their free time decking out my boot for a kick ass stereo. I am now proud owner of a fully carpeted boot, with 2 amps and a 12in Sub YAY go me! So proud! Although about a week ago i blew up me motor! haha, well it wasnt me entirely, but i get the blame coz i was the one turning the key. We had the car at Beards getting a new gearbox and exhaust in it and somehow a nut mananged to find its way into the engine and snapped a piston (for those of u not car-illiterate it just means it made a god awful noise and stopped - not good) Anyway, finally have it back on the road and absolutely LOVE driving it. Cept its so low now that i cant go over speedbumps straight on now, have to kinda go sideways, one wheel at a time. But the Commodore Club of WA liked it, theres a couple of pics on the website, and also on the Lions Dens. But enough about my car!


Ummm I cant really think of anything else really thats been happening... Ive been working at a newsagency/post office, though thats not that interesting...We got our dog Maloo fixed up so now hes not as much a horny puppy. My dads quit at Wattyl and working out the mines, my sisters finished school and at leavers, my brothers snoring his head off behind me coz he can afford to go out and get pissed on a Tuesday night...umm and thats prolly bout it.

oh cept i caught up with nell and leah the other night, they were having tea at Topolinis and I joined em. Went to the freeo for a bit, but nothing going on there cept a couple of girls dancing so we went to the camel bar and met up with like, nearly EVERYONE from highschool. Well not really, Matt was there (hehe matt u got a mention), dane, ross, ben, heidi, JESSUMS!!, kylie and im sure ive missed someone but ahh well. I had an awesome time anyway, it TOTALLY sucked that i had to work in the morning and left at 1 :( so not fair!

Well i gotta go anyway, need a sleep, think i got tonsillitus..



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Sep. 1st, 2005 | 02:36 pm
mood: angry angry

                                   I HATE doctors...
Yep, you heard me: I HATE doctors...
Why the sudden revelation? Well, don't get me started...
  • FIRST of all, there's the absolute refusal of my GP to give me my medication until I've had a certain medical procedure - I won't go into details. This medical procedure however, has nothing to do with the medication I wish to get a prescription for. Why the refusal? Don't ask me! She has even put a note on my file to say that I am to be given no more perscriptions until I've had this "procedure" done. Umm, I'm sorry but whos body is it? Don't I have the right to my medication, without being forced to pay for this procedure? I do, I know I do.
  • And secondly, there was today. I rung the practice to see if I could get in to see my doctor and the receptionist cheerly tells me that, seeing as I haven't been to see my doctor since July last year (what was the point? I never got my bloody pills anyway did I??) that I would have to wait until THURSDAY next week. I have to wait a WEEK to see my doctor? Now, the reason I want to see her is pretty serious. The receptionist didn't even ASK what was wrong with me. Too bad if I was bleeding to death huh?
Anyway, so I asked her "Is there any way that I can see another female doctor sooner?" and I got the reply, "No sorry, Dr ____ isn't taking on any more patients but I can get you in to see Dr ____(male) tomorrow."
NO THANK YOU! I want to see my doctor! For God's SAKE! I know they're overworked, not so much underpaid people but this is my health....this is what doctors DO! Grrr it seems that my doctor couldn't give a flying FUCK about me (which instills a lot of confidence in me seeing them doesn't it?) and as long as her weekly schedule is filled up with mindless complaints of the common cold and she gets her $55 an hour, I can wait until next-bloody-week.
Furthermorethe last TWO times I did go and see her - before I decided it was pointless last year - I got handballed to someone else. No phonecall or warning when making the appointment mind you. No, I arrived for my appointment, only to wait over an hour to see her, only to be told that she isn't available and I have to see Dr So and So and talk to him about my bloody private and medical life. What the hell???
Am I under the misconception that GP's are supposed to be people you can trust with your health and, therefore, life? That they are supposed to be someone who you can trust to confide in? Aren't they supposed to be an individual that you TRUST in general?
I wouldn't trust mine to cut my toenails. Great confidence I have in someone who I'm supposed to TRUST with my life huh?
"Change your doctor" some might say. Easier said than done. Especially in a place like Geraldton. Especially seeing as I prefer a female doctor as well. Maybe I shouldn't be so picky. Maybe, seeing as I'm making enough fuss, I should just see someone else. Maybe I should. Maybe I should realise that these people have a lot on their plates. Well maybe they should realise that is part of the job description. It seems that no matter how much I complain and bitch, there's going to be at least one person out there to defend them. But here is what I have to say..
If I can't trust my doctor to see me for an appointment then what happens if the next time they hear about me - its from an A&E telling them that their patient's just collapsed and died?
I know what happens...some other patient is taken on and I'm still as insignificant as I was today.
We patients pay your WAGES...doctor
Let the bitchfest begin...

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(no subject)

Aug. 14th, 2005 | 01:55 pm
mood: confused confused

Well, well, well!

It has been a while since I've wrote in this thing! A lot has happened since Shark Bay but I probably won't remember most of it LOL.

Well first and foremost, Mum and Dad's dog Gidget almost died...:( it was a couple of weeks ago now but yeah, she got very sick. We took her to the vet and apparently she had Pancreatitus...poor thing had to spend a week in the Vet's with no food or water (only a drip). We almost lost her, but she survived :D

My mum and dad are in Bali at the moment :( Sucks, i want to go on holiday!

Anyway - Duane and I will be re-tiling our bathroom soon...SO EXCITING! We are ripping the bath out and having one big shower the whole length of the wall (with a shower head either end)..and we get to buy the tiles soon when the tax return comes in YAY!!

So thats about all the excitment I've had LOL...oh except a couple of weeks ago we had a 'girls night' with Toni, Emma, Sarah and Nicole. Was sooo fun! They all come around to my house and we had a couple of drinks - with myself, in the spirit of Yr12 underage drinking-ness bought a 5 litre cask of wine LOL! Didn't drink much of it though, just my Bundy Liquier (or however the hell you spell it!!) So yeah, I realised about halfway into the night I needed ice so I decided to ring Damon (Duane's cousin) and tell him to bring me ice...and he did! HA-ha that boy will do anything for me! So he come around and then Shaun (one of Duane's friends) come around. But he didnt stay long...I think 5 drunken girls was enough to scare him away! But Damon stayed and started taking the piss outta us - as usual so we made him drive us to the Nitey...was a good night! And the girls stayed the night so yeah :)

Well I gotta go

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(no subject)

Jul. 11th, 2005 | 03:10 pm
mood: <---hehe that pics cute <---hehe that pics cute

Hey everyone wat's happening?? We went to Shark Bay on the weekend.

It was pretty awesome. I had more fun this year than what I did last year. It has now renewed my faith in day time speedway.

We left friday morning and got there about 3pm and we just waited around for the parade. We slept in the ute that night at the speedway so that we didnt have to get up early to race to the speedway to find a spot. So when we woke up we just set up the chairs in the back of the ute and chucked the esky beside us and it was good :)

Duanes boss kicked ass in his sprint car division...and Mick Doble from Geraldton cleaned up his division...showed them boys how to do it.

The chief stewarding sucked...even i knew half the stuff some people were getting away with wasnt right...but eh what can ya do??

Slept in the car again that night. Talked to Gregs wife Alison for the first time ever...turns out shes from up north too and has only been in geraldton for 4 years...shes very nice too and i am absolutely in love with hers and gregs baby Harley...hes the cutest thing!! Yes people I am clucky... :D

Duanes old boss Harley rung him last night. He fell into a fire and burnt his hand badly so he needed someone to work at Nu Life...Duane said no...hahahha nah i actually feel bad for the man. It wouldve taken a lot of courage to swallow his pride and ring duane for help... but tru blu is just too busy...but yeah, funny how harley used to make duane feel like shit and tell him he was a no good spraypainter but duanes the first person he rings when he needs help. but yeah, although id like to see harleys wife burn in hell, i actually feel sorry for harley...ehh but what can ya do?

well i gotta go now. chat with ya'll later!!

damn i needa get credit to message neen...YES WE'RE COMING NEEN!!!


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Stay off the Roads!!

Jun. 30th, 2005 | 04:03 pm
mood: excited excited

It is on the road!! Finally, after and gruelling 3 months, the Yelo Devil is now on the road!! I am so excited!! There are still a few little things that need to be done, but physically, it looks the part and it sure turns heads!! I picked my sister up today in it, and my friend Nicole come with me, and we were sitting there waiting and some random highschool guys come up and started chatting and checking it out and asking if it was a 5 litre or not...it was pretty funny...and I guess I will have to get used to people asking me about it...

Well we're going to Perth this weekend. Duane is doing a chief stewarding course for Speedway. Should be okay, exept the course takes most the day and i dont really want to sit through it. So seeing as its in Burswood I might be able to find my way back to Belmont shopping centre. OR the casino...whichever comes first!! But yeah... so i dont get to drive my baby this weekend because we are taking the VP...which i vaccummed and detailed for the first time since god knows when!! Just need to wash the outside and she'll be ready for her road trip!!

Then next weekend we are going to Shark Bay..!!!

Hmm well thats about all to update really...catchyas later!!

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haha i AM normal!!!

Jun. 15th, 2005 | 01:34 pm
mood: creative creative

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Good luck in life, and don't forget that no one
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What type of teenager are you?
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(no subject)

Jun. 7th, 2005 | 02:48 pm
mood: cold cold

Hey Guys,

Wats happening? Nothing much still here...damn i'm boring! But whats new huh?

Well my brother came home on Thursday, but hes in Perth at the moment getting a whole heap of stuff done to his new SS. Getting cold air intake and shite to make it faster...he's gonna kill himself in it...The other night he was driving and someone had thrown shit from someones vergeside pick up onto the road. He managed to dodge the microwave but hit a log or something and fucked his bumper...stupid bloody idiots. I mean, wats the mentality of you to do something like that? (throw stuff on the road i mean?) Geraldton citizens are fucked.

Well didnt do much this weekend. It was too wet and rainy! i loved it...cept my dog decided to run around chasing rain drops and get all muddy and run around the house...was not happy Jan! Watched some DVD's. I went to get out Lemony Snickets - A Series of Unfortunate Events but there was none left. Doesnt Civic have the "Get it first time or get it free" thing?? Well they dont frikken enforce it...at all!! bloody false advertising...then i was gonna get Son of the Mask, but that wasnt their either! and all the dumb counter boy could say was "do you want me to reserve them for you and ill ring you when theyre in?" and im like "yeah ok" and he STILL hasnt rung me. Im sure that at least SOMEONE would have brought at least ONE of the videos back...grrr damn chain video stores...

We're going to Shark Bay in a couple of weeks for Speedway. Duane doesnt race anymore but we're going as pit crew for Greg Crotty who drives a sprintcar. So should be ok. Cept i HATE day speedway. Its hot and the mud dries out and instead of getting sprayed with mud, you get sprayed with sand...sucks :( And last time we were in Shark Bay, the house up the road from where we were staying was set on fire... :S if anything catches on fire this time, im never going back! Well i say that but i probably will. Mum and dad want to come to shark bay too. They reckon we'll hire a camper van with two double beds and camp at the speedway. Dunno if it will happen though....

Well my new car should be finished by the time we go. Duanes trying to get it done to show it off. And he's almost finished the ford. So it should be soon..i hope!

Well gotta go, shall add photos of my new car soon~! Hopefully :)

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(no subject)

Jun. 1st, 2005 | 02:43 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: Indie Anthems..not sure what song

Well my car hasnt had much done to it lately :( poor thing is being neglected to make way for a crappy ford respray...my poor baby. although it does now have a painted dash with the TV installed :) yay! and it now has a front window too :D... all that has to go in/on it now is the other two mags, the suspension (super-low dump it on its ass springs), back bumper and sideskirts, rear parcel shelf, stereo system, n i think thats it... i think. so yeah, we're aiming to have it done by the time speedway is on in shark bay so we can drive there - which is like, in four weeks, so its prolly not gonna happen...ahh well... im learning to be patient now..seeing as im being FORCED to wait!

well ive been doing some work again at duanes work. that was until i got this frikken sore throat that i swear is killing me from the inside out. Its not my throat, but its in my neck sort of thing...like the glands or something. ive had it before but not this bad :( not fair, i was gonna make some moneys this week :( but yeah, they didnt even need me today...which is good in a way, coz then i didnt let them down, but bad coz i didnt get to go in and work. its so fun there :) i love it... :D

well ive been decorating my room lately. I picked up my layby yesterday so now my room has been moved around, got a new bedspread and pillows and cushions etc, and i dragged the dressing table from the spare room into my room so now we got more drawers. it looks good, and i put up my $2 pictures hehe..and i just went and bought 2 mirrors to go on our built in robe doors. :) so once this room is done (i still want to get some wooden venetion (sp?) blinds) i will move onto the bathroom. Coz it TOTALLY needs retiling. Not only because the tiles look like they've come from the 1960's but because in the shower recess theres cracked tiles, and two are about to fall out completely. And our insurance doesnt cover leaking shower recesses. apparently most insurance companies dont. bloody loop holes. so yeah, i decided that if i win lotto (which isnt gonna happen coz i dont buy lotto tickets :S :D) i want to put a corner spa bath in and change the bloody shower doors to something that doesnt have wire running through it. I like the safetly glass better... so yeah! Home improvements...keeps me busy! so i might go have a look on ebay...


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